WordPress Plugin

Today we will work with some plugins. A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They are written in PHP programming language, and they make it easier for users to add features to there site.
If you compare it to your computer. Is your computer like WordPress. It gives you the basic functionality. The plugins to your computer could be Adobe Reader, to view PDFs' or Photoshop to edit images.

Why plugins?

Plugins are nice. They..

But do not install all plugins there are in WordPress. Plugins..

Choose the right plugin

When you make a site, and want a plugin, remember to research the plugin. Go visit WordPress.org plugin library and search for it.
Check if the plugin is blacklisted. Some hosting services have a list of banned plugins.
Decide if you want it free or premium version.
When installing a WordPress always look for how many downloads

How to install plugins

Install plugins

You can install many plugins, we will talk about a few.
If you want to install them can you click on the Add New button in the top.


When you click on it, will this site be showed. Here can you search for plugins. If you have downloaded a plugin or made your own can you add it by adding a zip file.


When you adds plugins will de visible in the plugin overview, where they can be activated og deativated. If they are deactivaed can you not use them.


When they are actived will the plugin be a lightblue.


Yoast SEO

You have learn have to make SEO on you website, but what about on WordPress?
On WordPress can you use Yoast SEO, which is a plugin that will help you with that.

Download the plugin

Before you can use the SEO plugin, Yoast, must you download it. You can do it here or search for it in the plugin overview.


Activate the plugin

Activate the plugin by clicking Activate


Yoast dashboard

Yoast will be visible in WordPress in the dashboard to the left, and in every page or post you have made.


Use Yoast

You can find Yoast in the buttom of your pages og posts.


Contact form 7

You can make a contact form in WordPress. To do that can you use Contact Form 7

Install the plugin

You can download the plugin here or find it in WordPress plugins.


Activate the plugin

Before you can use it, you must activate the plugin


Open the plugin

Now then you have activate it can you find it to the left under contact In there can you design how your contact form can look like. It is also here where you write your contact information


When you make a contact form, will the code look like this, and you will get an shortcut. The shortcut is the text in the top, woth a blue box around it. You must copy that


Make a page or post

When you have actived the plugin, you can use it.
Make a page/post or use one you already have. On the page to the left you must find the shortcut box


Work with Contact Form 7

Inside the shortcut box you must paste the shortcut code from the contact info plugin and you will get a contact form on your site



We are using cookies!
Therefore we must tell the users that we are using them. With that can we use the cookie plugin.

EU cookies

You can download EU cookies


GDPR cookies

You can download GDPR cookies


Good to know

Make your site faster with the use of code and not plugins.

WebfontLoader without plugins!

wp_enqueue_script( 'fontloader_js', "https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/webfont/1.6.28/webfontloader.js", array(), '1.6.28', true );
wp_add_inline_script( 'fontloader_js', 'WebFont.load({google:{families:["Raleway:400,700"]}});', 'after' );
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