Content Management System (CMS) is a piece of software that lets you easily write, edit, and publish content on the web. There are:

WordPress Usage statistics of content management systems Shopify Drupal Magento None 35,5% 42,0% 3,7% 1,4% 0,7% W3techs


WordPress is the must popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.
Besides that is WordPress an open-source which means we can change it as we like. The platform is free to use and are user-friendly. There are many free and low-cost tools, that can be used in WordPress. WordPress gives alot of freedom in how you can use it.
WordPress is build with PHP, and started in 2003 as a blogging platform. Today is it used by many companys. You can with plugins make the site to an E-commerce site

Why use it?

Many people are using it for making site to the customers that they can change later. The customer can not change the HTML, CSS, JavaScript or others programming languages, because they do not know it. Therefore can you use WordPress. It is user-friendly and the customer can easly learn it. The possibilities are big.
You can make..

But WordPress..


WordPress sites

How to install WordPress

We have talked about what WordPress is, now are we going to install it. You can do that in two ways. Use 1-click installation or do it yourself

Setup WordPress with 1-click installation

The 1-click way is the easy way. It just take one click

Setup a subdomain

Go to your webhotel and get a subdomain. To do that go under Website > subdomain


Chosse 1-click

To use 1-click installation, you must to go 1-click to the left. Here you chosse WordPress installation in the bottom


There this site will be visible. Here you chosse which domain it you be installed on.


After one minut or two, will you get a message, that it is online on you domain. To login write your-domain-name/admin https://.www.dominoeffekten.dk/admin


Open the site


Setup WordPress with FileZilla

Instead of 1-click installation can you also do it by yourself. This is a got way if you work on localhost

Setup a subdomain

Go to your webhotel and get a subdomain. To do that go under Website > subdomain


Download and set up Filezilla

The first thing you need to do is install FileZilla.

Download Filezilla

Download WordPress

The next thing you need to do is download WordPress files and open the zip file.

Install WordPress

Upload WordPress

We can begin the installation of the site, now that you have your WordPress file. Open filezilla, find your subdomain folder and open the folder and take the WordPress files and move them inside your project folder/subdomain folder.


Run the Installation

We can now run the WordPress files. Go to the site by writing the subdomain name. Here will you see a guide on how to install WordPress.


Now we just need to connect your WordPress with your subdomain. Find the mail you got, when you made it.


Find the email you got, when making the domain
Databasenavn / Database name the name of the database. It could be domainName_dk_db
Brugernavn / Userid the name you have in the email. It could be domainName_dk
Adgangskode/Password the password you made or the webhost made for you. It could be ******
Databasevært/Database host the name of the database host. It could be Name.unoeuro.com

Complete the Installation

We did it. Now we must write the name of the website, a username and password


What can WordPress do?

In WordPress can you chosse between themes, make menues, make different sites as blogs or shippoing sites, and so much more


WordPress files

There are somet hings you need to know, before you work with WordPress.
There are a lots of files when you install WordPress. We will talk about some of them.
The files inside the red boxes, are root files. They make WordPress work.
The the light purple file WP-config teels WordPress, how to connect to your database.
The blue folder is where WordPress saves all, what are not included in the root.


The content folder

The content folder have..

There can be other folders. Some themes and plugins install therw own folder in the content folder


The theme folder

The theme folder saves all your themes you have installed on to your WordPress site. Inside the theme are more files, what will build the WordPress site.
The files most inportant files are..


The other files contain every element of your design. The WordPress template files can be ..

Here are some template pages, used to show the sites on your site:

If you want to make a blog are you going to use..

How are these pages structured?