While you code

While you code remember this:

Nameing JavaScript elements

When naming variables is it important to give meaningful names to the variable. Therefore you should not call them things like "s" or "variableName". The name should start with a letter and are case sensitive.

var studentname; 
var studentName;
Example: 3.1.6

JavaScript Reserved Words

There are some some words that can not be used in JavaScript, beacuse they are used by JavaScript

alert break case continue typeof with
default do else false/true if for
function in null return switch this
var false = true;
var this = 5;
var null = "hello";

Before you hand-in

Remember this:

Validate your code

It is important to validate your code, because it makes you a better programmer, but it can also


Remember to delete your console.log()

After you hand-in

Remember this:

Don't touch the code

Don't touch the code, when you have handed it in