HTML headings is headings on the site. There are 6 levels of headings

This is the main heading

This is the level 2 heading

This is the level 3 heading

<h1>This the main heading</h1>
<h2>This is level 2 heading</h2>
<h3>The is level 3 heading</h3>
1.3.1 Example

There must be a h1 to each page. It could be added to the logo, or a normal title. But you can only use it once. If you want more headings use h2 to h6.
The headings are a good way to indicate the imporance of each sections


Paragraphs is the text on a website. To create a paragraph, surround words with an opening and closing tag <p>

<p>This is a paragraph</p>
1.3.2 Example

Bold & italic

If you want some words to be differenct can you make them bold og italic

<p><b>This is a bold paragraph</b></p> 
<p><i>This is a italic paragraph</i></p>
1.3.3 Example

Some other things


You can modify the text on the site in many ways
You can break
the text

<p>You can <br> the text</p>
1.3.4 Example


Make a line after the text

<p>Make a line after the text</p><hr>
1.3.5 Example


You can make a quote and change the design with CSS. The blockqoute will push the text a little but to the right.

Just a little quote - by me
<blockqoute>Just a little quote - by me</blockqoute>
1.3.6 Example

Do you want on the qoute?
Just insert a <q> around the text

Just a little quote - by me
<blockqoute><q>Just a little quote - by me<q></blockqoute>
1.3.7 Example


You can mark a text with the mark tag

<p>This is a <mark>text</mark></p>
1.3.8 Example

Delete a text

This text is blue black

<p>This is a <del>text</del></p>
1.3.9 Example