Get started

Before you can learn web devlopment, there are some things we need to download and/or set up:



You have a browser on you computer, but you need more.
The webpages you make need to work in all browsers.
You must have Google Chrome, but here are some more..

Developer tools

Every modern browser has a powerfuld tool. It can inspected current-loaded HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It can see which assets the page has requested and how long they took to load.

Development tool

Code editor

You need a code editor. It could be..

Use the editor you like

Domaine & web hosting

Have you made a website? Do you want to show your mom, dad, boyfriend/girlfriend it?
You can not do that without a domaine and web hosting.
There are here two..


If you have a domaine og web hosting, then you need to transfer the files to a server. To do that can we use FileZilla.


What to do if you are in a group, and everybody want to write the code? Do not worry. The solution is here
You can share the code with everybody with..

We will not set it up, but you can look at it yourself. If there are any problems, feel free to ask

Why validate your code?

What does validate your code mean?
It means that your code is compared to W3C standards.
There are different languages with different rules of grammar. The doctype you use, is setting the languange you are using.
It its important to validate your code, because it makes you a better programmer, but it can also

So use it to be a better programmer with perfect code

If you have some errors in HTML and CSS will the code still be showed.
Use the validator to prevent errors!

Validate HTML

Validate CSS

Validate overview


What to do Shortcut Mac Shortcut windows
Copy cdm + c ctr + c
Paste cdm + v ctr + v
Undo action cdm + z ctr + z
Save cdm + s ctr + s
Cut cdm + x ctr + x
Bracket ( ) shift + 8/9 shift + 8/9
Curly brackets { } option + shift + 8/9 altGr + 7/0
Square bracket [ ] option + 8/9 altGr + 8/9
Semicolon ; shift + ; shift + ;
Slash / shift + 7 shift + 7
Backslash \ option + shift + 7 altGr + <
Vertical Line | option + i altGr + ´
Developer tool cmd + i alt + i

* Can be different